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Czerwiec 27, , Officials blame worker error for at least part of the escalating costs and delays, dating back a decade. Despite the latest trouble, an independent review board urges that the project continue. Just last month, NASA said fasteners came off the telescope during a vibration test conducted by its primary contractor, Northrop Grumman. NASA said it was now aiming for a launch of the telescope on March 30, , nearly a year later than the May date that the agency announced three months earlier. The new development cost breaches the cost cap, which will require Congress to formally reauthorize the mission. NASA Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk said in a media teleconference that the agency had filed a final breach report with Congress earlier this week because of both the cost and schedule slip and would seek formal reauthorization as part of the fiscal year appropriations process. He said his meetings gave the impression that Congress thought the science of JWST was still compelling, but it was premature to further assess the mood on Capitol Hill.

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Physics[ edit ] This has been named the World Year of Physics in honor of the th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis papers of and the resulting developments in the field of physics. Many institutions are celebrating by holding lecture series on Einstein, the history of special relativity and quantum mechanics and other public events surrounding the history of physics. Space exploration[ edit ] January 14 — The Huygens probe is successfully sent into the atmosphere of Titan and returns science data to Earth via the Cassini orbiter.

The world’s next great space telescope is falling behind. we found that it’s likely the launch date will be delayed again,” the office said in a aboard an Ariane 5 rocket built by.

Sun-Earth L2 halo orbit Objectives: The primary aim is to examine the first light in the Universe – those objects which formed shortly after the Big Bang. JWST will be a general-purpose observatory with a large aperture telescope optimised for infrared observations and a suite of state-of-the-art astronomical instruments capable of addressing many of the outstanding issues in astronomy. Mission Objectives The primary aim is to examine the first light in the Universe – those objects which formed shortly after the Big Bang.

Webb, who headed the agency from February to October , at the time of the Apollo programme. Some of the key characteristics of JWST are: The primary mirror will be 6. JWST will carry four science instruments: A wide field 2. A wide field 3. A combined mid-IR camera 1.

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Are we headed for a new ice age? By Phil Plait June 17, 6: Can this mean the Earth itself will literally cool off, slipping into an ice age? The answer — spoiler alert! And if you have the attention span of an E.

May 08,  · It’s there that JWST is supposed to launch on top of a European Ariane 5 rocket in October But once the telescope launches, the stress is far from over.

Ariane 4 rocket launched 0 KOUROU, French Guiana — A French-built Ariane 4 rocket roared into space Tuesday and deployed a communications satellite and an ultra-precise star mapper, lifting off on a second try with just 7 minutes left in the acceptable launch period. The Ariane got off the ground at 7: Liftoff had been scheduled for 6: Technicians scrambled to fix the jammed mechanism and launch the rocket before 7: Missing the deadline would have scrubbed the launch for the day.

The launch was the 15th straight success for Arianespace, the European consortium that markets Ariane boosters, and the 29th in 33 missions dating back to The foot liquid-fueled rocket, the most powerful launcher in the European inventory, streaked away from the European Space Agency’s jungle launch complex on the northern coast of South America about 10 hours after the U.

The Ariane’s cargo — the West German TV-SAT 2 communications satellite and an astronomy satellite called Hipparcos — were dispatched shortly after liftoff toward their positions in orbit. Hipparcos, equipped with a reflecting telescope, will be used to accurately measure the positions of thousands of stars, allowing astronomers to create high-detail star maps and to measure the distances to nearby stars.

The TV-SAT 2 was ejected into a preliminary egg-shaped orbit 21 minutes after liftoff, followed 2 minutes later by Hipparcos.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope ” the world’s premier infrared space observatory of the next decade ” has successfully completed the critical testing in a massive thermal vacuum chamber, enabling it to function properly in the extremely cold and airless environment in space in , the agency.

It should operate for at least five years and possibly even for as long as ten years. Several innovative technologies have been developed for Webb. The long-lead items, such as the beryllium mirror segments and science instruments, are under construction. All mission enabling technologies were demonstrated by January In July NASA confirmed the Webb project to proceed into its implementation phase, and the project conducted a major mission review in March Compared to currently existing or planned observatories, the JWST will have the unique advantage of combining superb image quality, a relatively large field of view and low background light with a highly stable operating environment.

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The mission’s Ariane 5 rocket launch from French Guiana will send two orbiters to the planet: the relatively small Japanese Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO) and .

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) is the world’s premier space telescope of the next decade. It will delve deeper into our solar system, look beyond to distant worlds around other stars, and help us to learn more about the universe and our place in it.

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