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Eits… tapi jangan kaget dulu. Dalam sesi pemotretan yang baru dilakukan keduanya, terlihat Sehun EXO dan juga Irene Red Velvet yang begitu romantis berdua smabil memakan gulali yang dipegang keduanya. Terlebih konsep yang diusung untuk keduanya saat itu adalah kencan.

Irene She would probably just laugh a little bit and tuck you into bed, make sure you were okay. In the morning, if you asked, what dumb stuff you said or did, she .

BTS’ V and Red Velvet’s Joy have now found themselves to be the subject of dating rumors after they were caught looking at each other intensely at a recent event. The photos in question, which were taken at a recent end-of-the-year event, showed the rumored couple gazing at each other, further fueling reports that the couple is dating.

Advertisement Like Us on Facebook After a while, Joy breaks off the stare and looks down in front of her but V, unable to take his eyes of his new “girlfriend,” continues to look in her direction. While some fans dismissed the speculation by pointing out that the BTS member was looking at the MC, some claimed that Joy and V have previously shown signs of being a couple.

This is not the first time V and Joy have been linked romantically. In December , a Korean daily published a report claiming that the K-Pop idols were seeing each other. Joy and V have been keeping their relationship going privately messaging each other. However, now that there are images of the pair sharing intense on-stage stare, is it enough to confirm that the two idols are dating? Check out the footage below and decide for yourself: Do not reproduce without permission.

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Ada satu lagi nih kesamaan mereka sekarang. Eits, tunggu dulu, ini semua tak seperti yang kalian pikirkan. Keduanya bukan mesra karena sedang menjalin cinta, tapi Kai dan Sehun ikut sebuah event yang diadakan oleh dua majalah berbeda. Di foto cover tersebut, Kai terlihat meletakkan dagunya di bahu visual Girls Generation itu. Tatapan mata keduanya yang tajam membuat Kai dan Yoona terlihat hot di cover yang dikemas secara hitam putih menampilkan kesan misterius.

Sehun dan Irene tampil bersama untuk majalah CeCi edisi Februari juga.

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Lu Han Lu Han. Member pertama yang langsung bikin aku suka sama EXO. Pertama kali search di google , siapa sih EXO itu? Langsung cek mv mereka dengan judul MAMA.

Jan 22,  · If Irene is dating someone from EXO, I just hope they will be happy and that crazy fans won’t destroy everything. #3 NovaLuna, Jan 22, imshyshyshy, its_zo, .

Ya mulai saat itu gua kesel banget sama dia, kakak senior galak yang minta di bejek-bejek terus mukanya! Siapa lagi kalo bukan Yonathan Febrian. Setiap dia liat gua pasti gua disuruh ini itu, padahal gua ga salah apa-apa! Dan parahnya lagi dia Sekarang jadi pacar gua coy!!! Pengen gua Banting aja tuh orang. Orang kalo nembak kan nanya ya ke cewenya, nah ini dia maksa banget!! Sekarang gua sama dia jalan 4bulan. Dan jujur sih, gua juga mulai sedikit suka sama dia.

Dan dia juga makin hari makin perhatian sama gua, gimana gua ga baper coba?? Dia setiap hari Manis banget ke gua coy!! Apalagi dia juga cool banget, bisa dikatakan dia itu Most Wantednya kampus gua, bahkan orang-orang Di kota ini semua tau dia.

Red Velvet’s Irene appears her ideal type of guy on ‘Oppa Thoughts’!

The following year, Kai , with encouragement from his father, auditioned at the SM Youth Best Contest; he won and received a contract. In , Exo-K’s D. That same year, Lay auditioned in Changsha, China, and subsequently moved to South Korea, while Xiumin attended an audition with his friend and won second place. The last member to join Exo-M was Chen , who took part in the casting system in Speaking at a Stanford University business seminar in May , SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man shared a strategy of debuting a new boy band that would be divided into two sub-groups, promoting the same music simultaneously in South Korea and China by performing songs in both Korean and Mandarin.

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It’s not V nor Bogum. Although many fans wants both of them to be a bf, i’m absolutely sure it isn’t them. Irene is an adult but she loves to act cute and called young. And i think this is an indicator that shows she’s not into a young boy. And that’s probably the reason why she strong denied rumour with Bogum. She found a rumour with younger boy sounds ridiculous. In that case, she’s also mentioned about age with him. It tells a lot tbh. Hmmm is a reaching.

Who is probably dating in Red Velvet?

A post shared by BaekHyun. Their relationship had been speculated on after seeing the couple post pictures donning pair headphones, sunglasses and bracelets. In addition, there were frequent sightings of the couple being spotted together, most likely on dates. Although there was no proof that Taeyeon did attend the concert, some comments of disagreement flooded her account asking her why she showed up and condemning her for not staying away from the concert.

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Entertainment in August The group is composed of five beautiful girls: In April netizens revealed some rummor about Irene. When that assumption had got to web, all fans were speculating on who might be her lover. There were many versions. Someone assumed that charming celebrity Irene was dating with Park Bogum. But to the great disappointment that mystery remained not solved and no one still does not know who was that mysterious prince. That fact caused many gossips about their relationship.

Seulgi said that she respects Kyuhyun. And about their relationship, the famous singer said only two words: Kyuhyun, in his turn, said that he does not like famous persons and added he suppose Seulgi is pretty, but he feels really burdened if the lady is really popular and a Big Star. He wished Seulgi does not become too famous.

LISTEN: Red Velvet’s Wendy Covers IU’s ‘Through the Night’


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Sehun step by the side of Irene #Hunrene Couple💜

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