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Tier 6 Tanks for Clan Wars Sorry all, was unable to publish this first post until now due to work but here it is: I would recommend mostly faster tanks for Tier 6 Clan Wars and overall competitive play. On to the tanks: This is usually the pinnacle tank for this type of gameplay but I never really enjoyed it as much as light tanks for this style of rushing and shooting on the move due to the horrific gun statistics on this tank. I do have 3 marks however Modules: Its low profile makes it better for active scouting compared to the T37 and it shoots on the move well enough without Vertical Stabilizers. This tank is also great as a readily available premium tank that can always be bought and makes great money. The autoloader variant of the gun is also great, and far superior to the 12t which also sadly means that you can’t use rammer. This tank has all of the armor in the world paired with great health pool and terrible mobility. This tank is best used on city maps or corridor maps with linear angles.

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Dec 07,  · On muuten harvinaisen paskaa tuo matchmaking, ainakin xbox liven kautta. Pelailin ~tunnin kiinalaisten ja korealaisten kanssa ja ihan ok peli, mutta hidas ruudunpäivitys ja korkeat pingit laskee “hieman” fiiliksiä| Jopa MW2:n matchmaking ja fps toimivat paremmin.

Tier 8 Clan Wars: Tanks and Basics Tier 8 Clan Wars is the first level of competitive play that is really fun and diverse. Tier 8 brings about a more dynamic setup with more health to play around with. It no longer is based upon whoever shoots first, wins. I want to give you all a guide to help understand the basics about how tanks should be played and what tanks should be used. The AMX 50 is not included in my overall “top tanks” due to its inability to stay within the fight and only really being successful in certain situations and on certain maps.

Also, artillery is only really helpful on open maps.

Which has better matchmaking- SP I C or VK28.01?

Tank destroyer Self-propelled gun The map is one of the most important sources of information about current situation on the battlefield. To take full advantage of it, you need to have the best available radio and the price we pay for it will return immediately. It is thanks to map that we are able to quickly determine which points need our support, which flank is too weak to stop the enemy or what is estimated location of enemy tank destroyers and artillery.

Jul 31,  · [MMO] World of Tanks. still not available in EU. I guess I’ll pick up an e when it’s on sale. The VK is really not that fun to play as scout. # biostud, Jul 30, biostud Lifer. The A with its scout matchmaking made me .

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This vehicle is quite slow and quite poorly armored, but it has an excellent armament, which allows it to defeat enemies of a higher tier. The skills that you have obtained, while driving the VK Development, equipment, crew The development of the VK Your first step should be to mount the 7.

Apr 28,  · In memory of the VK – posted in General Discussion: VK , my favourite tier 6 tank, and quite possibly my favourite light tank. Why? I hear you ask, Why Chim? Well, why not? You have a tank here that can do well regardless of matchmaking, providing you dont potato. Do I think it is the best tier 6? No, I dont, but I do think it is the most fun tier 6.

The Churchill GC is depressing. I think it is the worst tank in the entire game and people on the WoT forums seem to agree. I am curious how people are getting some games with over 1k experience with this thing. This tank has no armor whatsoever; you will not last long enough to survive more than 3 hits. The best way to play it is to shoot and get into cover immediately, because anything is going to penetrate you. Even if you get shot once, you are likely to get your gun destroyed or the gunner dies.

The limited gun arc means you have to literally aim directly at your enemy. With its poor camo values and limited view range, it’s easy to get shot without seeing anything in front of you. The ONLY good thing is the 32pdr gun but even that cannot save this tank. The penetration is high but I noticed a lot of bounced shots. Regardless, the tank is so slow that by the time you get into firing position, turn your hull, and aim, the enemy is likely already killed by your team or too late to make a difference in the game.

I am starting to get games where I am dealing over 1k damage but it seems rare with how easy this thing gets spotted and killed. It’s not the best tank, but it is worth it to get to the Caernarvon and Conqueror.

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Matching of tanks so you aren’t pitted against a Baneblade with your Jeep: Oh, also there’s really no incentive not to just camp spawn, since all the maps are symmetrical. You need to get the basics down pat before you start running around in a Heavy Tank and wondering why you keep dying. Thus, it takes a little while to be ‘Lawl, powerful’.

With you can determine the development of World of Tanks players and clans.

You form a platoon by inviting your friends into a platoon that you form, or by accepting their invitation. A platoon consistes of two or three players. This post is going to concentrate on a few basic principles regarding what tanks you should use. As a general rule, you should always use tanks from the same tier.

You can choose to let one player use a tank one tier higher or lower, but it is not recommended. It is perfectly okay if one member of the team is playing a medium, and the other a heavy tank, or a tank destroyer. But be aware if you want to play light tanks. Some tanks are designated the role of a scout tank , and scout tanks are usually the lowest tier tanks on a team. So if one of the platoon members choose a tier 5 light tank, and the other s choose a tier 5 heavy tank, it is possible that the other tanks are tier 8.

This matchmaking is subject to adjustment by Wargaming. As a thumb rule, a scout tank on a specific tier will meet tanks that are from one to three tiers higher. A tier 6 scout can meet tier 7, 8, 9 or A tier 4 will occasionally meet other tier 4s.


By Chris Boots-Faubert Published: All other Xbox Live account holders can get in on the action for a free seven-day trial. Players will get to experience the highly anticipated Platoon Battles feature, which will allow players to deploy into battle with up to seven friends in a single platoon. The new Live Oak Map The update will also unleash a total of fifteen new tanks, including a new line of Soviet artillery, four German light tanks including the famous Panther, and the Soviet KV-2 heavy tank.

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Fixed an issue with accessing equipment in War Stories War Stories: Objectives correctly updated when player dies War Stories: Filter no longer resets War Stories: Bots appear in correct location on mini-map “Successfully” is now spelled correctly in Logs tab PS4 Japan: Fixed loc for Signal Range Fixed log tab text to reflect crew being customized Fixed location of Swedish food consumable Replays: Fixed incorrect crew callouts when skipping Replays: Speed governor icon now correctly reflects its active state Replays: Help overlay now displays at the start of replay Replays: Loading music no longer incorrectly plays during replay Replays: Vision cone now correctly appears only when in tank view PBRS animations can now correctly be skipped Moved range finder display to correct location for siege tanks When two modules are damaged the repair wheel no longer highlights a previously repaired module.

Fixed timeline marker to be in the correct position after rewinding a replay The player’s own icon is now yellow when viewing a replay Text in the kill feed is correctly colored depending on which tank is being spectated in the replay Tank filter selection wraps around when scrolling off the far left or far right selections.


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pełna lista zmian charakterystyk pojazdów w patchu SilentStalker opublikował pełną listę zmian w statystykach pojazdów. Wartości w nawiasach pochodzą z obecnego patcha.

You have a tank here that can do well regardless of matchmaking, providing you don’t potato. Do I think it is the best tier 6? No, I don’t, but I do think it is the most fun tier 6. Of course other people will play it different, but here’s what works for me First things first: So go do it, come on, go unlock and buy the derp. Why are you still reading? Go put the derp on the tank you scrub.


Portal Unlike its peers, the Chinese light tank line gets stretched to Tier X with no changes to its structure. Rather, it welcomes two completely new vehicles on Tiers IX and X: Above-average mobility allows it to move around the map and promptly react to changing situations. The no longer has a 76 mm autoloader and offers two guns:

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