Swing on the Rocks explores “soundscapes” in a nod back to the progressive rock of the s. Headphone icons on the album notes indicate where these features enhance the listener’s experience. Dale’s background is in rock music, dating back to Montrose, The Beach Boys, and Boston in the mid s, as well as his own solo album MindWinder. Enlisting phenomenal arranger Rick Walsh who worked with iconic artists like Linda Ronstadt and Metallica in its legendary San Francisco Symphony performance , Dale uses his powerful and dynamic vocals to reinvigorate these rock classics. On Swing on the Rocks, Dale is surrounded by an piece big band style orchestra that features amazing guitar solos and the impressive stylings of Paul Shaffer of the CBS Orchestra on Late Night with Dave Letterman on the Hammond B3 organ throughout, creating a riveting roller coaster of a musical ride. Dale’s emotional trumpet and flugelhorn work also shines in this collection on “Into the Mystic” and “Murder By Numbers”.

Organ teacher gives special lessons to young teens

The table below shows the frequencies of its scale, along with those of some related instruments. This will be true no matter what temperament the organ may have been tuned for, whether equal-tempered or meantone; the frequency relationships between ranks of pipes will be based on the exact just frequency ratios. The Hammond organ drawbars for the upper and lower manuals corresponded to the following pipe lengths: Note the color coding: This was used in instructions for the organ to give some simple general advice on their use.

Leslie Tube Amplifier for Hammond B3 C3 Organ. Amplifier from Leslie cabinet, just removed from cabinet to take more pictures of the electronics. Conn KH Tube Amplifier AND Organ Parts Chassis 12AU7. $ Buy It Now. or Best Offer. IN GOOD SHAPE BUT THEY ARE UNTESTED. NOT SURE WHAT THEY FIT.

Produced by Perry Margouleff, The Royal Sessions captures the music in its pure form — live band and vocal takes as performed together at Royal Studios by Rodgers and an all-star roster of legendary musicians. The opportunity to record in such a hallowed place with musicians he considered personal heroes was a dream come true. The Memphis players forged an immediate bond when presented with his formidable talent and sincere love of the songs. Deeply felt, powerfully sung and expertly played, it features a cross-section of material hand-picked by Rodgers, songs of great historical significance and personal meaning.

The end result is that recording these songs left me recharged as a singer and also as a songwriter. My favorite part was the love we could feel in the room throughout all the sessions. We all spoke the same language. We captured the pure energy of their performance. Recording in an all analogue format the sonic quality is unparalleled and the listener can experience the music on a deeper level.

Special showcase performances by Paul Rogers with the musicians on The Royal Sessions will be announced.

How to Find Out How Old My Hammond Organ Is?

Through December 3rd, Overview Retro Organ Suite delivers in a very raw and personal way the sounds that define a near year legacy of electronic organ instruments. Dating back to the early s, a small and specialized group of manufacturers first designed and produced these elegant instruments as low-cost alternatives to wind-driven pipe organs for houses of worship and homes of the social elite. Later finding place in jazz ensembles, organs gained popularity in many genres of contemporary music through the mid 20th century.

Since that time these instruments have seen some emulation in digital form, but their tangible beauty, the sounds of their raw mechanisms clad in wood and novel amplifiers have largely vanished, frozen in time on commercial recordings of old.

Hammond Organs in the UK (Peter Jones – South West Music Services – Last updated Feb ) Introduction While there is a reasonable amount of information available on the internet about the.

PayPal How old is my Hammond? This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and unfortunately, due to the lack of available factory records on production dates, one of the most difficult to answer. There is some help available however: BevisPeters, and is currently maintained by RickPrevallet. It is basically a list of dates and serial numbers for various Hammond and Leslie models.

It also provides guidelines to determine, generally, the age of a Hammond, based on certain features and characteristics that changed throughout the model history. The age determinination list contains good descriptions of the various formats these code take. Additionally, these lists of EIA manufacturer codes may be of use: They came in two colors: Black transformers have a four digit date stamped into the bell housing.

Silver ones do not. To get an idea of the production date for a silver AO look at the can capacitor’s date code xxxx. Last edited on May 2, 8:

Royal Sessions: Paul Rodgers’ Memphis R&B

Mission Our mission is to provide excellent quality and service to our customers. We do customized service. Keyboard Hammond’s New B3 was the best-ever digital emulation of an electromechanical organ, but at over 15 thousand pounds, it didn’t come cheap. Fortunately, the XK3 puts the New B3’s sound engine into a much more affordable package Hugh Robjohns Two years ago, Hammond-Suzuki introduced the ‘New B3’ organ, which proved to offer the closest ever digital reproduction of the original Hammond B3 organ’s sonic and performance characteristics see my review in SOS July , which can be read at www.

Naturally, there is a lot of very clever digital technology involved in the New B3, but this is combined with some relatively crude mechanical switching techniques which were derived directly from the original Hammond keyboard design dating back nearly 80 years!

Irish Jack has often been credited with being one of the original members, if not the original member, of the mod scene in s London. He knew the Who’s Pete Townshend from that scene, and Townshend has often said that Jack was the basis or part of the basis for Jimmy, the character Townshend.

Later Oliver’s first “shop” was a 20 by 30 foot facility behind the family home. The shop was powered by a boiler that burned just about anything. The steam from the boiler powered a small steam engine, which turned the main shaft and pulleys. Remember, there was no electricity service yet! Steam power, human power, light of day or lantern was a fact of life!

Starting out with a single tube radio link here to a local Guelph, Ontario newspaper article and progressing to 5 and finally 6 tube models in Below, one of only three known remaining Hammond “Model 12” 5 tube receivers built between These products, more than 80 years later, represent the core of our business. Check out the “Classic” section of our site for more history on our audio, R. Interested in a travel back in time, probably at the peak of the radio era?

Download our ‘s Catalog 65, we even gave transformers their own names!!! Transformer Section 25 pages of Catalog

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Page 30 Modulation Wheel is set at minimum only the first Voice will be heard; when it is at maximum only the second Voice will be heard. In this way it is possible to obtain a morphing between the two Voices in real time and controlled by the musician. It is used to create groups of ten Voices at a time with the preferred timbres to therefore speed up their access.

Page 34 Flash RAM, that makes it possible to keep the samples in memory even while the key- board is switched off and which is used to up-date or locate the timbres.

Dating all the way back to the s, it was originally intended as a replacement for the traditional pipe organ, but found its own voice in gospel, rock, and R&B music, from the .

From up to , National provided Airways companies with HRO receivers for use at airports and for airway navigation uses. The RCD provided specific airways features like squelch, relay controlled speaker selection and audio bandpass filters and single audio amplifier output sections designed for either Z ohm lines or Z ohm speakers that had internal output transformers. No S-meters, no crystal filters and most importantly, no external power supply.

Undoubtedly, the Airways companies found the HRO, with its numerous idle coils and separate power supply, somewhat difficult to install and maintain. The RCD and its successors were self-contained receivers only requiring a loud speaker or telephones. This station was basically the aeronautical communications to various airplanes providing weather, flight information and other necessary communications to “in flight” aircraft.

Note that there are “banks” of HRO receivers but notice the three receivers near the rear-most operator. The top receiver is the HRO Junior. Date is probably These receivers generally will have a National Audio Output transformer installed in the chassis area behind the S-meter and adjacent to the antenna terminals. This area of the standard chassis already had mounting holes and lead thru holes for an audio transformer, implying that National anticipated some customers requiring this option.

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Use this form if you would like to submit your Hammond Organ for inclusion in these tables. When you hit the “Submit” button you will see a message advising “Update Successful”. When you hit the “Submit” button you will see a message advising “Update Successful”.

Don Leslie first created his speakers in and referred to them as Vibratones. The name reflects the unique audio effects the speakers produced because of a rotating baffle inside the speaker. The Leslie sound was prominent on many rhythm-and-blues and rock ‘n’ roll records. Dating Leslie speakers is relatively easy. The speakers have production codes stamped on them, as do the speaker cabinets.

In addition, a number of other clues provide helpful information. Examine the Leslie tag and other visual clues. Foil CBS tags indicate that the Leslie cabinet was built after

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Audio CD Verified Purchase The only thing keeping me from naming this the contemporary jazz album of the year is the fact that I already bestowed that honor upon BWB’s “Human Nature” two months ago possibly jumping the gun. But to be sure, this a very worthy runner-up. They can call this “contemporary” jazz but it’s also retro – especially retro s, with songs like Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” from the “Superfly!

Ligertwood once again delivers impressive soul-styled vocals on the Oblivion Express originals “Happiness Is Just Around the Bend” a single A-side for them — not the same song as the Main Ingredient hit with the same title and “Whenever You’re Ready. It’s as if this phenomenal song had been waiting 43 years for a Hammond B3 organ-electric guitar instrumental this brilliantly arranged including a stellar horn chart to come along.

Feb 02,  · My friend Steve Sevilla is a Hammond B3 master, and a true aficionado of that instrument. He originated a Facebook group featuring the mighty B3. He originated a Facebook group featuring the mighty B3.

Created By Sharp 1. This set has also been enhanced by Marc J Goodman. For more information please read the attached doc. So if you want a few hundred extra extremely hot sounds, then download this right now. The quality of these programs are way better than that of the factory sounds of the Triton. Don’t forget to listen to the Combi sounds. They will blow you away. These are very clear and easy to understand when used for singing or speech. Please check out the attached word doc for a full listing of all the sounds and programmers involved in this project.

This is one excellent download. The sounds are tweaked to “beyond recognition” in many cases even though a lot of the Le effects are used.

Blues on my Hammond Organ B3

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