Velocette Venom 1961 For Sale

See more motorcycle pictures. The Velocette Venom motorcycle was from a British bike maker convinced that its large-displacement single-cylinder engines were the equal of the twins favored by most rivals. With a top speed of mph or so, the Velocette Venom motorcycle was a good supporting argument. Motorcycle Image Gallery Velocette was founded in under the name Veloce. Its first motorcycles were powered by four-stroke singles, but when the British company switched to two-strokes in , the name was changed to Velocette. Though four-strokes reappeared in the s, the company name was retained. When most rivals added large-displacement twins to their lineups, Velocette stuck with vertical singles. One exception was the LE, introduced in , a small, scooter-like machine powered by a cc horizontally opposed flathead twin. The single-cylinder Venom was introduced in the late s, and while it was a capable sporting machine, it was overshadowed in the marketplace by various British twins. Its cc engine produced a very respectable 36 horsepower , enough to propel the Venom to near mph.

Velocette MSS 500

All alloy tanks, rims and fenders. I was given all old mot’s and paperwork, which back this up. I originally acquired this bike, with good intentions of building a Cafe Racer. I trade as Bavarian Adventure motorcycle World. Later purchased by well-known flat track racer Marvin Porkey Johnson.

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The three great forces…Germany, Britain and America brought their motorcycles. Most all were side car units and extremely utilitarian. The motorcycle had to be strong if you think the potholes on your local roads are bad, think about roads that have giant bomb holes!!! These were sturdy motorcycles. BSA first presented the M20 to the British war department and it was turned down.

After a few modifications the M20 was deemed sufficient. Yes it was slow, heavy and lacking in ground clearance, but it was durable and easy to maintain. The M20 was a simple cc side valve single cylinder motorbike that put out only 13 horsepower but mountains of torque, important when hauling a fully loaded sidecar or when traversing the mountains. The M20 motor was a very low compression unit because it often ran on very low grade fuel.

The M20 was particularly useful in the North Africa campaign. The M20 was considered the true war horse of the second world war.

Velocette Venom Thruxton 500 for Sale – £SOLD

You will find the latest version and discussion of this document here – http: Models of the s and s, excluding models in Part 1 Latest version and discussion of this document here – http: Postwar Models, excluding Vespa scooter Latest version and discussion of this document here – http: In general during this period, location of the component codes and serial numbers are in the following locations: Very early models sometimes in a circular pattern around right-hand rear frame lug.

T he L.E. Velocette. Click Link to go to the L.E. Velocette Club site After the Second World War was over, hostilities and rationing were still a way of life. It was these factors which influenced Velocette’s chief designer, Eugene Goodman, to propose a radical motor cycle design for the masses.

Chain Description I have been gathering parts for this project over several years but other commitments plus the fact I live far from good autojumbles means that I have not managed to finish it. My plan was to use a frame which I have had for many years as the basis for a nice MSS. As a personal preference. I chose to go down the route of re-creating a late 60’s single with big tank. The frame number is RS ? The engine no is MSS ? I acquired this on ebay a couple of years back – it had stood around for years.

BSA WM20 Freshly Restored

We’ve picked the eyes out of the sale. We’ve picked the eyes out of the sale and a full preview of the key lots follows below. Powered by a 4. Spartanly appointed, great for the cut-throat peak-hour rush and free long-term parking for life as the auction description notes, the machine gun says more than any “back in 5 mins” note ever could , this Ferret seems like a bargain considering the lifetime intimate relationship you’ll have with the preselector gearbox and all the friends you’ll make among the many who will work on it.

One is a largely original, unmolested and unrestored Vincent Black Shadow Series C, the other being one of the last purpose-built four-stroke Grand Prix race machines prior to the two-stroke influx into the class — a Linto. Watch for a full preview later this week.

Velocette – Velocette is the name given to motorcycles made by Veloce Ltd, in Hall Green, Birmingham, England. The company was founded by John Goodman and William Gue, as Taylor and its first motorcycle was the Veloce.

A total of 5, machines were produced between and In a factory-prepared faired Velocette Venom and a team of riders set the hour world record at a speed of In , the Velocette Venom was further developed by Velocette designer Bertie Goodman to create the range-topping Velocette Thruxton , with a race specification cylinder head that was gas flowed by hand to accommodate extra-large valves and a downdraught inlet port.

It was a very popular and successful clubman racer, but although it had more power than the Venom, the Thruxton could not save Velocette. Poor trading conditions over a number of preceding years forced the company into voluntarily liquidation in , with all the remaining stock and tools sold off to pay creditors. A further development was the Indian Velo , an updated, limited-production run of machines devised by American entrepreneur Floyd Clymer, using a Velocette engine with Italian cycle parts.

The design of the engine’s high cam with short push-rods was simpler to produce than an overhead camshaft engine. The Sport models of the Venom and the Viper were among the first production motorcycles to have glass fibre enclosure panels from These quickly-detachable enclosures were produced for Velocette by Avon and extended from the front of the engine, level with the top of the crankcases, to the rear pillion footrests.

Although a practical addition in preventing oil-stained clothing, the panels were unpopular with the traditional buyers of Velocette singles. An unusual feature of the Venom design is that the clutch was between the gearbox and gearbox sprocket rather than the conventional configuration in the primary chain case on the far left, with the gearbox sprocket between the clutch and the gearbox.

This made the clutch less accessible but allowed for easy gearing changes and a range of sprockets with different numbers of teeth could be fitted by removing the sprocket cover. The gearbox was also a novel Velocette design with a constant mesh close ratio unit that could be maintained relatively easily while still in place.

VIN Reports Include:

Restored Suzuki T M Motorcycle. This great T M was restored to a show standard by its owner. The engine outer alloy casings, heads and barrels were all vapour blasted and polished. The carburettors were vapour blasted, serviced and the float heights set to the original specification. The wiring was loom stripped and any substandard wiring was replaced in the correct colour and rebound in non adhesive black PVC tape as per the original.

A new modern rectifier was fitted.

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club. The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, with over 14, Members, united by a common appreciation of the engineering skills and vision of those who built the pioneer machines, has ensured that such machines are not preserved as lifeless exhibits in a museum, but are brought to life on frequent occasions in order that a new generation can marvel at the handiwork of the.

Velocette is often seen as one of the ‘high class’ marques of classic bike; something of a cut above the ubiquitous parallel twin and far more refined than the average single-cylinder slogger. Yet that very reputation can discourage some riders, who feel a touch daunted by the idea of an overhead cam KSS or a 45 horsepower Thruxton. Those bikes don’t come cheap, for a start, and their reputations suggest that they aren’t entirely easy to live with.

It’s a pleasant and practical sporting single; the kind of bike your grandad bored you senseless with when you were riding an FS1E and he rambled on and on about Brit singles which fired every other lamp-post while doing mph and mpg. The later versions of this Velocette have comfortable suspension and a broad spread of torque, making the MSS a relaxed ride over longer distances. The MSS was a natural progression, using the 96mm stroke from the engine with an 81mm bigger bore to give a cc long-stroke motor.

This engine was slotted into a heavyweight frame developed from the racing machines, with a rigid rear end and Webb-type girder forks. The result was something of a lumbering beast; elegant to look at and very long legged but not rapid in the acceleration stakes, and often found with a sidecar attached. The light-alloy engine now used square dimensions of 86mm bore and stroke, and featured hairpin valve springs and a bonded-in iron cylinder liner. Its output of just 25bhp sounds modest, but the MSS made the most of Velocette’s excellent sprung frame which Cyril Ayton once described as ‘virtually faultless’.

BSA WM20 Freshly Restored

I really want to try and keep the links limited to classic bikes as that is what we are all here for. General Classic Bike Links: Reproduction literature, memorabilia and other classic bike stuff http: You MUST check this site out!

We have the last of the rigid-frame MAC Velocettes, a , with traditional inch wheels fore and aft incorporating skinny 7-inch brakes.

Bespoke alloy tanks for specials. For everyone within the normal physical range, everything falls neatly to hand. The controls are light and smooth. The overall balance is good. The weight is pounds higher than, say, that of a Meriden T Bonnie circa , but feels only slightly heavier. And pillions get a real saddle and optional grab rail and not merely an obscene perch and a pair of thumb hooks typical of so many modern velocipedes.

True, the bike may not have pushed the design envelope a single inch.

1961 Velocette Venom

Christmas came early this year, at least for me. After much deliberation I have purchased a grit blasting cabinet so that I can prepare components for painting or plating. I decided to buy BIG in order to be able to blast large items. In order to get the cabinet into its selected spot I had to remove the personnel door and its frame from the workshop.

Velocette LE After the Second World War, the company sought to capture what it saw as a developing need for personal transport and created the LE model (for “Little Engine”). This was a cc water-cooled flat-twin with side-valves, a pressed steel frame and telescopic forks and swingarm.

The work was carried out by Les Ephgrave in Dagenham, who built frames for many cycle shops. Dad, being a Romford boy, wanted a top of the range bike as he wanted to do time trialling and racing with his local cycling club. The bicycle was indeed put through its paces until dad went to America where he became a semi-pro golfer with a paid caddie. The bike at this time languished with a neighbour in Collier Row, Romford. Dad met and married my mum in the USA.

They moved back to England, into Necton Rectory, a massive house with a Victorian kitchen, garden surrounded by walls with trained fruit trees and loads of glass houses. The reason why I mention this bit of history is that I was born in , a year after they came back to the UK from the US and after a year of living in the rectory I could distinctly remember a green bicycle in the wine cellars.

I was only a little over a year old and was given the freedom to roam throughout the house.


Connected to the rails of the “hardtail” rear end a look dating back to the earliest days of motorcycling—is engineering combining the style of Milwaukee’s famous Softail with technology from the first monoshock motocrossers of a decade ago. From Suzuki’s Intruders came the VLX’s detailed finish, with internal complexities hidden beneath a sleek, flowing shell of bodywork punctuated by hand-polished pieces. Inside is the powerful lure of the Shadow itself. Riders still jazzed by the original Shadow archetype must look upward to the Shadow in ‘ For the VLX, there’s the throb of a cc engine with a single-pin crank, a feathery pound wet weight, a back tire about the size of New York—and a “triangulated” swing arm connected to a shock running below the seat, plus chain final drive.

Bandy all you want about the way this new Shadow looks no one can deny how well it works.

Velocette MAC • The Velocette story began with Johannes Gütgemann, a year-old German who emigrated to England in and settled in Birmingham. • Gütgemann initially adopted the name John Taylor and by was in partnership with William Gue, producing frames for the Ormonde motorcycle.

Value Type Definitions Excellent — A very correct and original even if it shows the patina of its age or an exceptionally well-restored motorcycle. This category is reserved for concourse or show quality machines only, in which everything on the machine is fully functional and operates as new. All equipment is original, new old stock NOS factory replacements or uses of excellent quality reproductions parts. Very Good — A very presentable, original motorcycle that may show signs of minimal wear or a fully mechanically and cosmetically restored motorcycle that does not meet concourse standards, perhaps due to age of the restoration or overall quality.

All systems are fully operational and the machine is not in need of repairs. Frames should be straight and unaltered. Fair — A motorcycle that is worthy core for restoration. This would exclude machines with major frame and engine modifications that would be cost prohibitive to return to original specifications.

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